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Aug 3

Written by: billp
8/3/2017 5:51 PM  RssIcon

Greetings Fellow Runners –

The subject line of this week’s newsletter has 3 interesting points. First and most importantly, we’re in the month of August. That means that we’re one month closer to our fall marathon. It also means that daylight will get shorter and temperatures will get cooler. July is traditionally the hottest month in Chicago. This July wasn’t too bad, so we should have a decent training season. The second thing to notice in the subject line is the lack of direction. I normally specify North or South. We still have some constraints based on the DPR flooding, although it’s much better. We’ll finalize the route tomorrow and everyone will know Saturday morning. Please email me anytime on Friday if you need to know the route’s direction earlier. The last noticeable item is the suggested distances for Intermediates and Advanced marathon runners. You’ll have a choice, which I address further below.

Last week’s and this week’s run – I really can’t think of better conditions for running in July than we had last Saturday. It was cool – upper 50s to upper 60s. It was dry, with an extremely low dew point (if you understand how that relates to humidity). Plus, there was a delightful breeze. So even if you did get a bit warm, the wind refreshed you. I felt much better running 17 miles last Saturday than I felt running 15 miles the previous Saturday. How about you? This Saturday will also be cool, perhaps not as perfect as last week, but close. The suggested mileage for this week’s cutback run per the CARA MTP program is below:

Novice marathon - 11 miles

Intermediates - 13 miles

Advanced – 16 miles

This is a change from previous years so I’m going to strongly suggest that we modify it to the following, which is similar to previous schedules:

Novice marathon - 11 miles

Intermediates - 12 miles

Advanced – 14 miles

In my opinion, 14 and 16 miles aren’t much of a cutback from the previous week’s 15 and 17 for Intermediate and Advanced. We’re entering the toughest part of the schedule so it’s important that our bodies are prepared for the mileage. Therefore, I’m suggesting the modifications above but won’t object to anyone wanting to run the prescribed mileage. NovaCare and Orange Theory Fitness will be at the finish for us this week.

Hydration – Thanks to Kim Monk, along with Michael and Beth Rosenblat for providing hydration last week. This week is Jonathan Copulsky at the parking lot and Julie Pfeffer on the course.

Chicago Marathon information – Runners registered for the Chicago Marathon should have recently received an email with a link to their start corral. Make sure that you review the information. If you want to change your corral, you have until August 15th to request a change. If you’d like to move to a corral in Wave 1, you must supply a qualifying race result after 1/1/15 of <1:50 for a half marathon or <3:45 for a marathon. You may not receive a response back from the marathon. Check again online after your request. Also, here’s an interesting article on one of this year’s Elites:

Training tips – If you’d like to know more about the why and how associated with cutback weeks during marathon training, to help you decide which option to take on Saturday, read these articles.

The one or two people who read this newsletter’s closing know that I love music, especially live performances by current acts. So, those one or two people may be wondering why I’m sending out a newsletter tonight and not at Grant Park attending Lollapalooza. It’s because I’m only attending 1 day of Lollapalooza this year on Sunday. I went to all 4 days in 2016 because the lineup was so strong. Radiohead and LCD Soundsystem are 2 of my all time favorite acts and they were both headliners last year. But this year’s lineup isn’t great (hard to get excited about Muse, The Killers and Blink 182, plus I’ve already seen many of the acts on their current tours) and doesn’t outweigh the negatives enough for me to attend all 4 days. The biggest negative associated with Lollapalooza are the attendees. Although it’s billed as a music festival, it’s really not about the music any more. The primary attendees are suburban teenagers and they’re there to party with friends. Music is irrelevant to them. I know that from having tried to hear the music over their incessant talking. The other negative is the price. A four day pass is over $350. Based on this year’s lineup, it’s not worth it to me. My Sunday ticket was still expensive - $125, Hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy the music without having a drunken teenager ruin my experience.

Good Running,

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