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Jul 27

Written by: billp
7/27/2017 5:34 PM  RssIcon

Greetings Fellow Runners –

Endurance athletes have many common traits. Two of them are adaptability and perseverance. All of our runners showed flexibility by adapting to the new route, necessitated by the flooding. They pushed themselves through the obstacles created by the water, heat, and humidity to get their requisite miles completed. Congratulations to all of the endurance athletes who completed last Saturday’s run. The mental and physical strength that you demonstrated will help on race day.

Last week’s and this week’s run – As indicated in the opening, last week’s run was a tough one. Although this week’s run will be longer, the conditions will be much better for running. Unfortunately, the trail won’t be much better than last week, so our course will be modified similar to last week’s route. The mileage is below:

Novice marathon - 13 miles

Intermediates - 13 miles

Advanced – 17 miles

Our novice marathon runners may be running as far as they’ve ever run previously, 13 miles, which is equivalent to a half marathon. A representative from Polar will be at the parking lot when we finish this week.

Hydration – Thanks to Eli Carmeli, Allen Wu and John Walter for providing hydration last week. This week is Bettie Hiejbroek at the parking lot and Michael and Beth Rosenblat on the course.

Chicago Marathon information – Runners registered for the Chicago Marathon should have recently received an email with a link to their start corral. Make sure that you review the information. If you want to change your corral, you have until August 15th to request a change. If you’d like to move to a corral in Wave 1, you must supply a qualifying race result after 1/1/15 of <1:50 for a half marathon or <3:45 for a marathon.

Ready to Run 20 – Be on the lookout for an email with information on the last long run of our season shortly. I’ll be including details in future issues of this newsletter.

Training Tips – Those following the Intermediate and Advanced Marathon training plans are familiar with tempo runs. They should be part of their training to for build strength, speed, and stamina. They’re performed between 10K and half marathon race pace and help to build one’s ability to utilize and clear blood lactate. More information on tempo runs may be found at:

This morning, my son sent me this link to an NPR article: There was some controversy last year due to a series of articles stating that running long distances (such as training more than 30 miles per week and running marathons) was bad for the person’s heart. This article refutes those claims based on recent studies. Although I loved the article in its entirety, my favorite lines from it come at the end: “most endurance athletes don't do what they do to live longer. They do it to live better…Once you get the running bug, few activities make you feel more alive.” Most of us have caught the same bug that the author caught. Even on bad days, like last Saturday, running makes us feel alive. It enhances our lives. We gain self confidence, test our limits, achieve goals, blow off steam, meet like minded people, develop long lasting friendships, and get so much more from running. I’m not sure if running will make my life last any longer, but it’s so much better because of running.

Good Running,

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