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Jul 20

Written by: billp
7/20/2017 6:01 PM  RssIcon

Greetings Fellow Runners –

The rain has affected running again this week, and will change our plans for this Saturday. We will be running our scheduled mileage on Saturday but have altered the route to account for the flooding. The long runs are very important to marathon training so it would take a significant event to force us to cancel. Our cancellation policy is outlined below. Hopefully, this week’s rain only affected people’s running plans and those who flooded last week didn’t have any additional problems from Thursday morning’s downpour.

Last week’s and this week’s run – Although the flooding changed our route slightly last week, because it was a cutback run we didn’t have to alter it much. Since it was fairly cool, running along the Route 176 trail to add on mileage wasn’t that bad. This week’s distances are longer than last week’s, and the forecast is for hot and muggy conditions. As a result, we’ve modified the planned route to allow us to get in the prescribed mileage while avoiding the flooding and staying in the shade and on crushed gravel for the majority of the mileage. Your Group Leaders have been apprised of the changes so please try to stay with the group this week. The 3 different distances – Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced – will be run together for most of the modified route. Our planned mileage is below:

Novice marathon - 12 miles

Intermediates - 14 miles

Advanced – 15 miles

Cancellation policy – Long runs are very important but our runners’ safety is more important. We will cancel a run on Friday night if the conditions on Saturday are deemed unsafe. I will send out an email to this distribution list advising of any cancellation. Unsafe conditions are excessive heat or cold. We run in the rain, but not when active thunderstorms are in the area. In most instances, the thunderstorms will blow through are area so a run may be delayed but usually not cancelled. In the 17 years that we have been running, we’ve only cancelled once for heat (over 80 to start) and once for cold (-8 air temp without the wind chill). Flooding is dangerous, but we have flexibility in our routes so we won’t cancel even when the Des Plaines River is flooded, as it is currently. We always start from the same place at the same time in the summer and in the winter to avoid confusion. So, I encourage everyone to come out at 6:40 this Saturday while we deal with the flooding but continue to run.

Hydration – Thanks to Satyendra Kumar and Brian Terwilliger for providing hydration last week. This week is Eli Carmeli at the parking lot and Allen Wu and John Walter on the course. Thanks to our amazing volunteers, we have most of the slots filled through August. We desperately need someone for Half Day Preserve on July 29. Ideally, you can pick up the supplies this Saturday, July 22. Let me know if you can do it or sign up at Volunteers will receive a free NSDRC logo’ed give away.

Chicago Marathon news – There was a major press announcement released today:

Ready to Run 20 – Be on the lookout for an email with information on the last long run of our season shortly. I’ll be including details in future issues of this newsletter.

Training Tips – Here are a few articles about running in the rain. Hopefully, we’ll never have to follow this advice and we’ll have dry weather the rest of this season. I ran in Brett Favre shoes this morning and have been doing the newspaper trick for years, as referenced in the first article.

I didn’t think that anyone would care about my experience at the Pitchfork Musicfest, which I mentioned in last week’s closing. But, I got one email response and someone asked me at Saturday’s run how Friday night was, so apparently at least two people cared. Two people are all I need to bore everyone with my summary of Pitchfork in this week’s closing. First, the weather for the 3 days was spectacular, the best that I’ve ever experienced since I’ve been attending the fest. There were several highlights. LCD Soundystem, Friday night’s headliner, was amazing. They are one of my all time favorite groups and incredible live. They mix dance music with punk rock and are so much fun. They performed 2 new songs off of their upcoming album, their first since 2010, which I loved. My only complaint was that they ended at 9:38, when curfew is 10 pm. There was no encore, they just ended. Another highlight was PJ Harvey’s performance on Saturday. It was incredibly theatrical. She only broke character once to introduce the band. The music was very good and meaningful. Her lyrics were insightful, political and dealt with many of the injustices of the world. A Tribe Called Quest was Saturday’s headliner and a highlight, along with being weird. One of their main rappers, Phife Dawg, passed away last year while recording their latest album. The weird part was that they played pre-recorded version of his verses while leaving a mic open in his memory. The other main member, Q-Tip, was amazing and really moved by their first live performance since Phife’s death. Saturday was unofficially Old Folks Day at Pitchfork, with old time acts like Parliament Funkadelic and The Feelies joining PJ Harvey and ATCQ. I enjoyed it, but normally I’m the oldest person at Pitchfork and I was about the average on this day. One of the great things about music festivals is discovering new artists that you normally wouldn’t have been exposed to. There were two new discoveries that I loved this year: Dawn Richard and Joey Purp. Dawn Richard combined soul with rock and electronic music, added some incredible dance moves, and capped it off with her radiant personality. Joey Purp is a rapper from Chicago, who I hadn’t heard previously. He was really good on his own and was even better when aided by other members of the SaveMoney crew, including Vic Mensa, Towkio, and Peter Cottontale. The only Chicago rapper who was missing was Chance The Rapper, who probably would have appeared if it was 2 years ago before his career skyrocketed. While there were many bright spots, there was one major disappointment. The Avalanches, an Australian DJ duo, canceled their appearance. Avalanches have never performed in Chicago and rarely appear in North America. I was upset but got over it when Nicolas Jaar started to play some of his experimental electronic beats. By then, I had forgotten my disappointment and was dancing my ass off. The memories and beats from Pitchfork will carry me for a couple of weeks until Lollapalooza. Since I’m only attending one day, my closing that week won’t be as long and boring as this one was.

Good Running,

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