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Jun 22

Written by: billp
6/22/2017 4:37 PM  RssIcon

Greetings Fellow Runners –

It’s good to be back after a very enjoyable vacation. I spent a week riding my bike through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The scenery was amazing and the rides were challenging. Now, it’s time for me to get back to running and this weekly newsletter. I will be sending this out every Thursday night or Friday morning. It contains information specific to the NSDRC and CARA Libertyville Marathon Training Program, as well as information that is unspecific and may not even be properly classified as information. The subject line will contain the route and mileage for Saturday’s long run. The routes will either be Middlefork Savanna, or heading north or south on the Des Plaines River Trail. The mileage will vary for those at different training and experience levels: Novice (N), Intermediate (I), and Advanced (A) marathon training. Please let me know if you are receiving this newsletter in error, either you aren’t a member of the NSDRC or you aren’t training at CARA’s Libertyville site. You will be removed from the distribution list. If you are a member of the NSDRC or are training at CARA’s Libertyville site, you’ll want to continue receiving this email for site specific information or just to laugh at my grammatical errors and typos.

Last week’s and this week’s run – While you were running 7, 9, or 11 miles last Saturday, I had completed riding more than 450 miles with over 30,000 feet of elevation the previous 7 days. Thanks to Chris Muender for making announcements and all of the Group Leaders for doing an outstanding job while I was gone. I’m looking forward to getting back on the trails running with all of you, which we’ll do this Saturday as a cutback run. This will be our first cutback run, following the pattern of two weeks of increased mileage followed by a cutback. While you may not need it this early in the season, take it, since we have many weeks to go and the miles could take their toll. I’ll address the science behind cutback runs and their importance in future newsletters. Since this Saturday’s temperatures will be fairly mild, we’ll stay off the DPR Trail and run on the more open Middlefork Savanna, as a change. The mileage for this week is:

Novice marathon runners - 5 miles

Intermediates - 7 miles

Advanced – 9 miles

Leah Bohr, CARA’s Training Program Manager (and my boss) will be joining us for this week’s run. Please plan on arriving on time. Starting this week and going through the rest of the season, training tips begin promptly at 6:40 and we should be ready to run by 6:45. If you’re just arriving in the parking lot by then, your pace group may leave you behind.

Hydration – Thanks to Joan Rush for providing hydration the last two weeks. We tried a new process, paying someone to put it out and stand by it, but it didn’t work out. So, we’re reverting back to asking for volunteers. We’re going to handle it like we do in the winter, allowing people to volunteer more than once or not at all. Volunteers will get a free giveaway; others will have to pay for it. The schedule may be found at the following Google Sheets link:

Please select days or dates when you’re able to pick the supplies up the previous week, and place the hydration on the date(s) that you’ve chosen. Joan Rush will give you the supplies and send an email with detailed instructions. There’s no experience necessary, just the desire to help. If you’ve signed up for a date and your schedule has changed, not allowing you to fulfill your obligation, we first request that you try to change with another volunteer. If you’re unable to find someone to trade with, please contact Joan or myself early enough to allow us to find a substitute. This week, hydration will only be at the parking lot since it’s a short run. Paul Jenrow will set it out there.

Training tips – For those following the training plan during the week, you’ll notice a big change in the Novice and Advanced training plans from previous years. Friday’s are listed as rest days, where they were fairly hard days in the past. I’m in agreement with this approach, using it any training program that I create, as well as my own. It’s based on the concept of easy / hard. A hard day, simply defined as a run much longer or much faster than usual, should be preceded and followed by an easy day, which includes an off day or cross training. If you’d like to understand more about this concept, please read the following article:

I’m not sure why the Intermediate program still includes a Friday run but it should be done at an easy pace, or moved to Sunday as a recovery run.

As indicated in the opening, I spent last week participating in Ride The Rockies, an organized bike ride through the mountains in Colorado. It was an amazing experience; one that I can barely capture in words. Pictures do a much better job and may be available to view on my Facebook page at: If they aren’t available to the public, you may friend request me and you’ll be able to see them. While it was memorable and incredibly beautiful, it was also tough. There were several climbs which took hours of hard work to get to the top. The mental approach that I took was similar to what I’ve used for tough training runs or races. You know that eventually it will end. The question is whether you can sustain the pain and discomfort until then. I wouldn’t allow myself to quit (known as SAG’ing for Support And Gear in cycling) despite how terrible I felt from the effort and elevation. Similarly, there may be times this summer when you don’t want to go on. The heat, distance, or fatigue may be more than you want to put up with. You can turn around early, walk, or have someone pick you up; just like I could have put my bike on one of the SAG wagons. Quitting or SAG’ing won’t make you a bad person. But, pushing through the obstacles (assuming that they aren’t related to an injury) will make you a better one. I’m looking forward to being back running with you, and perhaps helping you push through the difficulties that you may encounter this summer.

Good Running,

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