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Apr 27

Written by: billp
4/27/2017 5:33 PM  RssIcon

Greetings Fellow Runners –

We’re reaching the final weeks of our Winter 2017 season. This Saturday will be our last time running in Lake Forest until December.

Last week’s and this week’s run – Last Saturday was forgettable and uneventful, which is perfect for a cutback or taper run. This Saturday won’t be forgettable and uneventful, but it will be a cutback, taper, or recovery run. We’ll remember it because it will be our last run from Lake Forest for over 6 months. It will be eventful because it will be uncomfortable. It’s forecast to be damp, windy, and cold. Fortunately, we’ll only be out in the elements for a short period s everyone is scheduled to run the 8 mile Lake Bluff Loop. Join us before this Saturday’s run to wish good luck to those running the Wisconsin and Flying Pig Marathons.

Congratulations and good luck – Congratulations to Gary Segal, who ran the Illinois Marathon on Saturday. Good luck to Jeannette Danielle and Volker Fischer, who are running the Big Sur Marathon this weekend.

Hydration – Thanks to Lexie Markarian and Reena Fellner for last week. This week, Ajay Koul will handle hydration. As we approach the end of the winter season, we ask that anyone in possession of a tank or Gatorade concentrate please return it to me or Joan Rush in the next few weeks. We need to collect supplies in preparation for our summer training.

End of Winter Season event on May 13 - We'll celebrate the end of our winter 2017 season with breakfast on the patio at Panera Lake Bluff, courtesy of the NSDRC. It will take place after an offseason run, starting about 8:30. Join us to share stories of your spring races and summer plans. We'll open up the discussion to the group to provide inputs on how we can make the NSDRC even better than it currently is. Please RSVP on the NSDRC Facebook Group page or via email to me by May 9.

What’s next – Our final run from Lake Forest will be this Saturday. Starting on May 6, all runs will begin from Parking Lot C in Old School Forest Preserve (by the sled hill) at 6:45 am. We’ll stay in offseason mode, with no formal pace groups or prescribed distances, until we commence summer marathon training on June 10. In addition to the End of Winter event on May 13, we will also be cleaning the Route 176 bike trail, probably on May 20. We’ve adopted the trail for the past 2 years and are responsible for cleaning it twice a year. Please let me know if you’re interested in helping with this.

Paid job opportunity – In their desire to support the suburban sites better, as well as have more visibility in the community, CARA will be staffing a hydration person at each suburban site this summer. They will pay someone to set up the hydration and stand by a station during each long run. This is a good opportunity for one of our members, if they have a kid who wants to earn extra money this summer or know of someone who’d like the job. The person needs to be able to wake up early on Saturdays and be dependable. If you have a candidate, please let me know and I’ll put them in touch with the CARA office to discus the details.

Summer Training Group Leaders - As we’re beginning to plan for the summer / fall session, we need group leaders. If anyone is interested in being a Group Leader this summer, please let me know. The benefits include free entry to the Ready to Run 20 and the CARA Compound before the marathon, along with a group leader shirt and some other swag at the end of the year. The responsibilities include attending the majority of the runs, maintaining the proper pace, and insuring the safety of the group. We’re in need of Group Leaders for 8:00, 8:30, 11:30. and 12:00 minutes per mile paces. If you’re interested, or want to suggest someone, please let me know.

Training tips – As we approach the end of this season, with a few marathons left, these articles on marathon recovery are important to follow:

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten on my soapbox about eliminating plastic grocery bags, but there's news from Chicago's implementation of a plastic grocery bag tax that has me excited: It's working. Some of the results include:
- Disposable bag use per trip decreased by 42 percent.
- Residents using disposable bags decreased by 33 percentage points.
- About half of customers who stopped using disposable bags switched to using reusable bags while others used no bags at all.

The city's Press Release and full study may be found at:…/…/april/BagUseReduction.html Now, since our governor and state legislature aren't currently doing anything to pass a budget, perhaps they can use their time to pass a law that implements this statewide. While they’re wasting their time in Springfield, you can be doing something. If you’re still using plastic grocery bags, do what half of the people in the city of Chicago have done, stop using them and switch to re-usable or no bags at all.

Good Running,

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