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Mar 31

Written by: billp
3/31/2017 10:48 AM  RssIcon

Greetings Fellow Runners –

Rain, rain, go away. Come again in the month of May. Between Saturday’s soaker, today’s rain, and the forecast for Friday, it’s been a wet week. Hopefully, it hasn’t disrupted your training as we get closer to our spring races. I detest running in the rain but managed to get my miles in despite the weather. How about you?

Last week’s and this week’s run – The start and finish of last Saturday’s run were miserable – rainy, wet, windy, and bone chillingly cold. The middle wasn’t as bad, although it was still terrible since it was damp and raw, especially heading north. Kudos to everyone who braved the conditions to run outside last week, especially to those who got their 20 miles in. Based on my weather app, it appears that the rain will end Friday afternoon, leaving dry conditions for our Saturday morning run. We’ll need them since it’s another long one, the last and longest for people training for Boston and Illinois:

Boston / Illinois – 22 miles - Skokie Valley Loop plus 10.9 mile Lakefront Bridge Loop + 1 mile

Wisconsin / Flying Pig - 21 miles - Skokie Valley Loop plus 10.9 mile Lakefront Bridge Loop

Hydration – We need one more volunteer to complete our roster for this season. Is someone willing to provide hydration at the train station on April 8? Ideally, you can pick up the supplies on April 1, but we could arrange to meet you early on April 8. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks to Bobbe Greenberg, Martin Rivera, and Jeannette Peck for last week. This week, Eli Carmeli, Ken Colbert, and Reena Fellner are providing it.

Training tip – There is much debate about the merits of stretching. One thing that I’d like to mention is to NOT stretch after a very long run (17+ miles). The reason is that after a lengthy run like that, you have micro-tears in your muscles, which shouldn’t be stressed through stretching. The best thing to do after a really long run is jog or walk immediately afterwards to speed recovery. Fuel for the debate on stretching may be found below:

Since there was no newsletter last week, I wasn’t able to provide any feedback on my trips to LA and Austin, so I’ll briefly offer some here. Downtown LA is great. If you haven’t been there recently, go. It’s been significantly renovated in the past 5 years. Previously, the sidewalks rolled up at 5 pm and there were many places that were unsafe. Now, there’s a thriving nightlife with plenty of lofts, hotels, bars, and restaurants. There are still a few unsafe places but not many. I had some very nice runs from DTLA, exploring places off the beaten tourism path like Chinatown and Lincoln Heights. The Grammy Museum, which is part of the LA Live complex, was much cooler and less hokey than I expected. I’d recommend it to any music lover visiting LA. After LA, I traveled to another great town for music lovers, Austin. Unfortunately, time and work prevented me from hanging out too long on 6th Street. I did have a very nice, and hot, run along the Lake Austin running path. After last week’s long week in LA and Austin, it was good to spend this week in Chicago, despite the rain.

Good Running,  

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