North Shore Distance Running Club Newsletters

By billp on 2/23/2017 6:30 PM
Greetings Fellow Runners –

While our false summer may be coming to an end shortly, it was enjoyable while it lasted. Who didn’t like running in shorts and being outside in shirtsleeves? I rode my bike outside on Sunday. It was fantastic as long as you didn’t think about the intermediate or long term implications, like an abysmally hot summer this year and global warming significantly changing our planet. We get a taste of normal February weather this weekend, but then it’ll be back in the 40s and 50s by next week.

Last week’s and this week’s run – Last week’s run was like a mid-April run, not mid-February. Shorts and short sleeves, tons of people out on the bike path. When was the last February we experienced any like it? We also experienced a new route – the Fort2Base Loop. We have it one more time in this year's schedule and can use it next winter, if members were OK with it. Please let us know your opinion of the Fort2Base route by responding to the survey on the NSDRC...
By billp on 2/22/2017 5:09 PM
Greetings Fellow Runners –

This week’s edition is being sent out on Friday morning since I was at the Vision Quest CompuTrainer session last night. I hope that everyone who participated in it enjoyed the challenge as much as I did. Thanks to Robbie Ventura and his VQ team for offering us this excellent opportunity. If there is interest amongst the group, we can do another session at VQ or other fun things like this regularly. Members just need to ask and attend. We’ll take care of the arrangements for you.

Last week’s and this week’s run – Last week’s run was relatively nice and uneventful. There were a couple of notable (and slightly annoying) takeaways. It started to rain a little over an hour into the run, but thankfully it stopped after a few minutes. A steady rain with temperatures in the upper 30s is one of my least favorite conditions to run in. Also, there was a downed tree over the bike path. But, it would have only affected runners taller than 7 feet. Hopefully,...