North Shore Distance Running Club Newsletters

By billp on 1/26/2017 8:12 PM
Greetings Fellow Runners –

Can anyone remember a January run in conditions as warm as last Saturday? I’ve been doing this for 17 years and I can’t. I can recall some January runs in the 40s, but not the 50s that we experienced last week. While it made for very pleasant running, there’s a very unpleasant aspect of it, which I’ll address below in the closing.

Last week’s and this week’s run – Last week was my first time running our new Skokie Valley Loop and I enjoyed it. Thanks to Bill Beshilas for suggesting it. Although there were stretches on the Skokie Valley bike trail that got a bit mundane, I really liked the stretch on Laurel after we came off the bike trail. Plus, running east from there to Lake Street, and then back to the train station, included some pretty streets in Lake Forest that I’d never run previously. This week’s run will be on more familiar territory, although it will be the first time that I’ve run it this winter. We have our first optional Barrington run, along with a run from...
By billp on 1/19/2017 8:10 PM
Greetings Fellow Runners –

It was great to be running with the group again after being gone a month. Seeing a large group of friendly faces at the train station and running along familiar ground made me feel comforted. It’s hard to explain why running with the NSDRC provides me with this kind of solace; perhaps it’s because I’ve been doing it for over 17 years. Running is a huge part of most of our lives and running with the group has become habit for many of us. It was nice to get back to my habit after a 4 week absence.

Last week’s and this week’s run – It’s hard to imagine better conditions for a mid-January run than we had last Saturday: temperatures in the upper 20s, light winds, and virtually nothing on the ground. We’ll probably have single digits and snow storms again, but I’d take last week’s weather for the rest of the winter, if given the choice. And this week should be even better, mid 40s. Although that’s highly unusual for January, it will be a welcome opportunity...