North Shore Distance Running Club Newsletters

By billp on 8/17/2017 5:13 PM
Greetings Fellow Runners –

So, how did last Saturday’s run go for everyone? It was a long one for everyone – 15, 17, or 18 miles. The weather was certainly conducive to a good run. Sorry that I missed it. I will be joining the group again this week for an even longer run.

Last week’s and this week’s run – From what I heard, the trail was fine last week and most people had a good run. Thanks to Joan Rush for assisting with the training tips and announcements. For the first time in several weeks, the subject line has the direction for this week’s run. We’re heading north on the DPR Trail, much further than we’ve been able to travel since the flooding. The distances are known and below:

Novice marathon - 16 miles

Intermediates - 18 miles

Advanced – 20 miles

This is our Advanced marathon runners’ first 20 miler. Intermediates will be right behind them at 18. For our Novice marathon runners, 16 miles will be the longest that they’ve ever run. Since it’s 3...
By billp on 8/10/2017 7:03 PM
Greetings Fellow Runners –

We’re getting into the heart of our training season and the weather has been very favorable for running. The low humidity and mild temperatures have made running in the mornings really pleasant. We’ve been fortunate so far, and will continue to be over the next week or so.

Last week’s and this week’s run –  The debate after last Saturday’s run was whether that day’s conditions were better for running than the previous Saturday’s. I thought that the previous week was perfect but others felt that last Saturday was even nicer. Although no one won the debate, we’ve all been winners having 2 incredible Saturday mornings in late July and early August to enjoy our long runs. It should be almost as nice this Saturday. We’re still working on the route. Most likely, we’re heading north on the DPR Trail but we’re still finalizing the details. The distances are known and below:

Novice marathon - 15 miles

Intermediates - 17 miles

Advanced – 17 miles